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#147 Kaingin Road Balintawak Quezon City Metro Manila
+63 02 3614342
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CONVOY MARKETING CORPORATION was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines on February 7, 1994 under Registration No. AS09401135 and commenced trading operations on March 1, 1994.

The Company was established as a Philippine’s Distributing Arm for mainly DESTILLERIA LIMTUACO & CO., INC. and ARCHIPELAGO WATER PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL INC’s complete line of manufactured products all over the Philippines.

Convoy caters to national wholesale and retail outlets, as well as supermarkets, groceries, duty free shops, hotels, bars and restaurant and on and off premise outlets and schools throughout the Philippines. This is made possible through Convoy’s seasoned and high-caliber sales and marketing executives duly supported by its own transport fleet of over 150 delivery and service vehicles as well as distribution warehouse strategically located and dispersed nationwide. It is the forefront of introducing and establishing leading brands in the liquor, the bottled water and food product industries, providing efficient marketing services to expand the sales of all Destileria Limtuaco brands such as White Castle Whisky etc, and Rainforest Natural Mineral Water brands nationwide as a dynamic full service marketing company.

Convoy’s main headquarter, offices and warehouse are all conveniently located at 147 Kaingin Road, Quezon City. Its own fleet of more or less 150 delivery and service trucks are strategically dispersed nationwide to serve effectively its multi-product wide distribution and maximum marketing reach.