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KOX’NEAL Technologies Inc.
formerly OXNEAL Engineering Industries was established since 1997 in Quezon City, Philippines. After 12 years of operation, it has successfully completed many respected projects and gained respect of all its clients and suppliers as well.

In our pursuit of providing quality products and services, we touch based to some respected manufacturers to carry the distribution and servicing of their well known international products in the Philippines. We believe that transfer of technologies is one of the effective ways to contribute to the modernization of Philippine economy and technologies. We are ready to lead the industry in providing the latest and up to date Automation Systems and High End Security Technologies that will give safety and security for both private and government sectors.

One of our main missions is to be a leader in discovering and defining systems and technologies that ensure the protection of the capital and assets as well as reduce the exposures to threat. We offer highly protective, uniquely engineered systems and services to fulfill the escalating need for reliable, fast and cost effective security and defense in the region where the environment was characterized by perhaps or even greater uncertainty than any other time in the past

Our company operations encompass a full circle of primary activities including Sales, Marketing, Research, Solution Development, Project Management, Maintenance and Support. It is fully backed up by dedicated and experienced Engineers, Technicians and Engineering support team who works on a very high professional etiquette and values.

Veteran and seasoned Engineers, Architects and Technicians from different field of Electro-mechanical, Security Systems, Door Automations and Logistics Equipment, are the main core of its operations. Inspired by the challenge of providing new technologies in building constructions, the company invest heavily on equipment, training and upgrading of engineers to cope up with the latest industry standard on safe engineering practice and applications.