medical Diagnostic Clinic

115 National road Bayanan MUNTINLUPA METRO MANILA
(02) 861 7136

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EVANS MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER is a small privately owned multispecialty and diagnostic clinic which caters to patient’s needing primary health care and to small and medium sized business with pre- employment medical needs, annual examination and year round health care.
It is our company’s policy to provide quality and affordable health care to our patients.
We strive to offer a quality system that satisfies the needs and meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers while maintaining and continuously improving the quality of our service.
EVANS MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER specializes in the following services:
• Mulitispecialty Clinics including:
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Pediatrics
• Geriatrics
• Internal Medicine
• Industrial Medicine
• Dental Services

• Diagnostic Medicine including
• Radiology
• Laboratory Medicine

EVANS MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER firmly believes that quality is the basis of healthcare excellence. We have prepared a quality manual that describes and outlines all of the quality processes and procedures designed to meet our quality standards. The quality system ensures that this laboratory has processes that are efficient, effective and meet regulatory requirements.