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Manufacturing, fabricator, construction, jig maker, mold maker, engineering design

2M Trading was formally established to take part in the Philippine Economy's growth as it envisioned for making the road in the circle of newly industrialized countries.

Mainly, 2M Trading is focusing on various spare parts and services. It source and supply various electromechanical parts, equipments and accessories critical to Philippines growing economy: Electronics, Semiconductor, Mold Industry and Highly Automated Industry.

The growing business of the semiconductor and electronic manufacturing is dependent upon the supplier who can deliver efficient sourcing and on time delivery of spare parts and other materials with the most efficient factor as possible, continually strive to upgrade not only our services but our most important asset, as well "our people".

This is where 2M TRADING CAN BE RELIED ON. We defy time and distance to look for those partners and suppliers who can provide the most urgent needs and requirements of our clients.

We do not think twice to use the fastest available means of shipping just to satisfy our customers.