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1. What is BEX Barter EXchange?

BEX is the Pioneer and the only BARTER Exchange company in the Philippines, a service oriented trade exchange company that facilitates bartering of goods and services among local businesses to increase their sales, cash flow and profit with the use of Trade Credits as a medium of exchange.

2. How does BEX Barter work?

BEX Barter members use Trade Credits instead of cash to do business together. A member is given an account and it works similarly to a debit or credit card. Members earn Trade Credits when they sell and use Trade Credits to buy products and services they needed for their businesses. Members can use their Trade Credits for payment in hotel rooms, resorts, restaurants, advertising, printing and many other goods and services in the network. BEX is a third party record keeper and acts as an administrating body of each transaction. Members receive a monthly statement reflecting their sales, purchases and current balance.

3. What is the value of a trade credit?

For your accounting purposes, 1 trade credit is equivalent to 1 Philippine peso.

4. What are the advantages of joining BEX Barter EXchange?

Barter produces additional business that you never had before and allows you to expand your market. Secondly, when you barter, you conserve cash. Instead of spending cash to buy needed goods and services, you can barter your own goods and services. Therefore, you keep your cash in your business for other purposes. Finally, Barter allows your idle resources to work. Excess capacity, empty or excess time and excess inventory are converted into needed goods or services.

5. I can barter on my own; why should I join BEX Barter EXchange?

The problem with direct barter or one-to-one trading is each business must want or need what the other business has to offer in equal amounts, no flexibility to trade. With BEX Barter trading program, everyone can trade with any other member using their Trade Credits.

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