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B1 Lot 1 - 6 Reyvil Subd. Brgy Magsaysay San Pedro Laguna
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a. Background
VJF Precision Toolings Corporation is a domestic corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It is primarily a service provider for high precision tooling, machining and design engineering.
It is a precision tooling company that specializes in the manufacturing of tool & die, jigs & fixtures, conversion kits, docking assemblies, stamping, automation and other precision machining requirements of various manufacturing companies. VJF Precision Toolings Corporation renders services for various industries such as semiconductor, automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics & appliances manufacturing,chemical companies and other manufacturing industries.
b. History & Origin
VJF Precision Toolings Corporation started as VJF Toolings Fabrication Services, established on 15 April 1999.the company's acronym VJF was derived from the name of it's President and Executive Officer (CEO), Virgilio J. Farenas .Virgilio “Ver” J. Farenas established it together with his wife,Villa Farinas as the proprietress.

The Company's initial operation started with only three(3) machines:one(1)each for grinding ,milling & lathe machines. These machines were housed on a rented small corner at Brgy. Calendola, San Pedro, Laguna. In 2002,VJF Toolings Fabrication Services transferred to its present location at B1, L1-6 Reyvil Subd. Brgy. Magsaysay, San Pedro,Laguna. The new building was built on a 240 sq.m. Wholly-owned lot with only a single-storey building housing its machines and offices. Later, in the same year 2002,new machines and upgrades were gradually introduced including the CNC lathes and CNC Milling, Die-sink EDM's and upgrades of conventional machines installed with DRO.
From 2003-2004, the building was gradually renovated to its present stature consisting of three floors with a total floor area of 720 sq.m.
In 2005, the company was incorporated and assumed the name VJF Precision Toolings Corporation. It now boasts of its high-end machines comprising of 2 units each of CNC Milling & CNC Lathe and 3 units of Die Sink EDM's, plus its gem-of-an-equipment, a “Fanuc CNC Wirecut EDM”.

To be the preferred vendor for precision tooling and machining requirements, totally satisfying the customer and conforms to their set standards and specifications including lead time in delivery.
To provide the customer with the highest quality products and services, cutting edge engineering designs and on-time delivery at a competitive price.


 To achieve Total Customer Satisfaction, where QUALITY is the primary factor in
our selection as vendor.
 To accomplished all tasks to be delivered on-time with assured quality and
“Doing it right the first time and all the time.”