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RedRoot is the FIRST Artists Cooperative in the Philippines. Our cooperative offers diverse field of expertise in design innovation, audio-visual communication and marketing strategy development.

Anchored in its most basic principles, Red Root has drawn its distinct fuse of artistry, passion and teamwork by engaging into a strong business model of cooperativism.

Contemporary Social Entrepreneurship|Dynamic methodology|Creative Communication|Advocacy-driven


"Give Life to Paper"
- Print is the most extensively used media. We take extra care and effort in providing you with designs that get your message across varied markets clearly. We go to great lengths to bring you concepts that embody your essence and ideals.
Print Ads|Brochure|Billboard|Marketing Kit|Catalog|Annual Report|Magazine|Merchandise|Book Illustration

"Design in Action"
-Add grace and harmony to presentations. Utilize the beauty of sound, movement, colors and form in adding value and sharing information to every audience.
Audio-Visual Presentations|TV Commercial|Documentary|Flash Animation|2D Animation|3D Rendering & Animation

"World at your Fingertips"
-The internet is the next marketing playing field. It hosts paths towards consumers the world over. To keep you on top of the game, we strive to provide you the means to empower your marketing and advertising goals. We create custom-tailored concepts and designs to help you carve a niche in the ever expanding reaches of cyberspace.
Website Design|Flash Animation|Programming

"On Click Solutions"
-We stretch the limits of technique and imagination to bring you innovative software designs and solutions. Freshly brewed ideas and top-of-the-line service are integrated to meet your marketing and system needs.
Software Development|Game Concept Design|Flash Interactive Design


The Red Root Artists Cooperative concept is an opportunity to show the world how cooperation works. In such orientation, professionals learn to grow together by sharing ideas, collaborating on activities and seeing possibilities – under a framework of cooperative development that serves as an ideal business model for the contemporary social entrepreneur.

The innovation of being an artists’ cooperative differentiates us from the typical design studio or agency. A cooperative has its strong roots on equitable development and social equality. Red Root takes care of the cooperative members who benefits the most through competitive compensation, continuous upskilling and value formation that the organization provides.


Under a cooperative model, Red Root MPC empowers artists and members to become reliable service providers and contributes to the innovation of the industry & positive transformation in society.


To become the leading cooperative body that will unite the diversity of artists and creative professionals, setting a credible standard in the industry through talent development, programs and relationships with other entities for a strong advocacy-driven purpose in providing excellent creative communication services.


Communication is the key for an elegant fusion of creative input and client feedback. Feel free to drop us a line.

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