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Toppers Tailoring 33 Katipunan Street Marikina Heights Marikina City Metro Manila

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Toppers Haute Couture The store was established in the 70’s first promoting service to the working class. The quality of the end products made serve to be the lasting source of the business as it kept its operations through the years. Toppers showcases haute couture servicing for both men and women, ranging for ages 30 and up. Product and Market Strategy The shop offers a wide range of tailor servicing from polo, pants to suits. As what any tailor shop does, it offers their services along with a splash of fabrics and different cuts as requested by the customer. While the shop is primarily for anybody who wants his clothing custom-made, but because of its store appearance, customers tend to perceive that the shop is focusing on the older market, the adult and the professionals. Current Price Profile of Key Competitors Viktor charges its customers a range of P3,950 to P5,700 for a single pair of pants. For rush jobs, customers are charged an additional P300. The amount increases as more details are added on the design and as the fabric becomes harder to be supplied. He also specializes in offering a one-of-a-kind jean design ranging from Php7000 and up. On the other hand, the tailor shop located along Katipunan offers their custom-made pants service at the cost of Php600 a pair. Pantsaloon Market Appraisal -http://www.scribd.com/doc/7235275/02-Final-Marketing-Appraisal-Environmental-Analysis