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Tan Group of companies 16 benefits street Project 8 quezon city Metro Manila

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Timpla Paintshoppe and Hardware is one of the top paint centers under the Tan Group of Companies. It is a dealer that offers innovative and modern mixing equipments to suit the accurate or precise color that every consumer needs in an affordable price. Also, it offers:
1. All kinds of Automotive Paints (Polyurethane 2k, Urethane 1k, Acrylic Paints)
2. All types of Household and Industrial Paints (Latex Paints, Elastomeric, Plane Latex, Lacquer Based Paints)
3. All purpose enamel paints
4. All kinds of tinting colors and all kind of painting accessories
5. Hardware Supplies: Paint Brushes, Wax, Sand papers, etc

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