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+63 450 4360; +63 2425156; +63 3092184 ; +63 3093266

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Dsl gam Enterprises
409 Juan Luna St. Tel : (632)4504360
Binondo, Manila (632)4504249
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A young, aggressive and hardworking owner led by Mr. Dominador G. Lim whose vision and entrepreneurial spirit provided impetus for the company to excel and to make its mark established DSL GAM Enterprises, in early 1980. The company is essentially a trading and marketing organization engaged in importing, wholesaling and retailing of highly diversified product lines.

In 1993, the company develops a new product; Ropelight TM which is imported from TAIWAN, a decorative lighting which enables individual design, for decorating buildings, homes, business establishment with a comprehensive approval from International Safety Standard and Phil. Product Standard.

In 2003, the 2ND, generation of Ropelight - LED light (Light emitting diodes) plays a big part in today's modern design and technology for decorative lighting which enables individual design, for decorating buildings, homes and business establishment to help enhance and be recognize thru it's unique designs.

The inherit features of LED decide it to be the best alternative to conventional light sources; it performs well on a low voltage, low power consumption, low heat, low maintenance and has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours

In 2004, we introduced another product; EXHAUST W/ LIGHTS (ODEERâ„¢), a 2 in 1 combination of exhaust & lights. This 10-inch 2 in 1 exhaust fan and light is elegant in its design as well as being very quiet and efficient to run with its excellent airflow. Included is also an energy saving globe and side ducts. Can utilize in the toilet, shower, bedroom & etc. It is easy to install, energy saving, high efficiency and Environmental protection. It achieves the lowest noise standard and saves more space by using the advanced centrifugal blades and good-quality high-speed motor. The cover made of acrylic material, new technique, thinner and uniformly. Dust and pest proof. Fully light, better heat-resistant not easy to aging

In 2007, we are proud to introduce the new Compact Saving Lamp ideal for home and office reduces your electricity bill with almost 80% less energy, alternate for MR16 Halogen Pin light. Perfect color rendering, high luminous efficiency with up to 6000 hours service life. Start at low pressure, with the nice style and gentle light, new generation of the ideal light source.

In 2009, the Company introduced the energy saving Dimmable CFL bulb replaces a 100 watt incandescent and lasts 10,000 hours and Dimmable Continuous T5 without dark spots, and has twice the normal light output than previous T5 lamps fixtures

Our expertise has been well proven in many significant projects in the Philippines. Involving the complete design, information, installation and after sales service required by its countless discriminating clientele.

For more than 30th years of service, the company has expanded its product to the Filipino people. Continuous innovation of product quality and trustworthy business relationship with our customers, are the foundations of DSL GAM Enterprise. We are taking a great step forward into the new era with vision and confidence.

Contact DSL GAM Enterprises on tel (+63) 2 450 4360 or 450 4249, e-mail dsl.ent@gmail.com or visit the website www.dsl-led.com.