Made to order acrylic Menu Stand, tarpulin print

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Sonoma Marketing is a company that is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of advertising products such as banner stands for tarpaulins and acrylic display products in various sizes and designs. It started with a vision to supply the advertising world with products that create an impact and deliver fast results to customers without breaking the bank. Sensing the basic importance of advertising in the field of product promotion, Sonoma began by supplying banner stands for printed tarpaulins. Notably one of its first products to explode into the market was the silver X-stand. Affordable and easy to use, it became a pioneer and soon took off in sales and demand and gained well-deserved recognition as the go-to product for indoor or outdoor tarpaulins. This was 6 years ago.
Today, Sonoma is a burgeoning company that continues to grow, evolve and offer new trends in the field of advertising. It now carries a wide range of products that range from banner stands to acrylic display systems and signages distributed through various local channels such as bookstores and other retail shops. Our products can be found in all National Bookstore outlets as well as Office Warehouse. Aside from the ready-made products all produced locally, Sonoma can also manufacture custom acrylic designs to suit your individual needs and requirements. Printing of tarpaulins is also one of the services offered and so is digital imaging and printing of stickers for indoor and outdoor use. Other new products that were introduced recently are the Sonoma clip and Sonoma whiteboard in different sizes. Best of all, the company believes in local talent, creativity and craftsmanship as it employs our very own Filipino laborers in the manufacturing of its products, thus contributing to the overall growth of our local economy.