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San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. (PF) was incorporated in 1956 to primarily engage in the business of manufacturing and marketing of processed meat products. The company, through its subsidiaries, later on diversified into poultry and livestock operations, feeds and flour milling, dairy and coffee operations, franchise operations, and young animal ration manufacturing and distribution. PF holds several food brands in its portfolio, among them, Magnolia, Pure Foods, Monterey, Star, Dari Cr?me, B-Meg, and Pure Blend. To date, the company has a product line up that offers a variety of food products and services for both individual and food service customers. Its products range from cooking oils, feeds, flour and flour-based products, poultry, fresh and processed meats, breadfill, dairy, snacks, noodles and coffee. PF operates its business through its subsidiaries such as San Miguel Foods, Inc., San Miguel Mills, Inc., The Purefoods-Hormel Company, Inc., Magnolia, Inc., PT San Miguel Pure Foods Indonesia, San Miguel Super Coffeemix Co., Inc., Monterey Foods Corporation, Great Food Solutions, and RealSnacks Mfg. Corp. PF has also established partnerships with international companies such as Hormel Foods International Corporation of the United States, Super Coffeemix Manufacturing of Singapore and the La Salle Financials of Indonesia to access the latest technologies and expertise in developing the company's products. Source: SEC Form 17-A (2008)