Principal Office: 54 National Road, Dampol II-A Pulilan, Bulacan, PhilippinesManila Office: 30-A Washington Tower, The AsiaWorld City, Macapagal Avenue, Paranaque City, Metro Manila
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AgriNurture, Inc. (ANI) was incorporated on February 4, 1997 and listed its shares in the Philippine Stock Exchange by way of introduction on May 25, 2009. ANI was formerly known as Mabuhay 2000 Enterprises, Inc. ANI started its business operations in 1997 as an importer, trader and fabricator of post-harvest agricultural machineries intended to improve the productivity and increase the income of Filipino farmers. ANI eventually diversified into other various agro-commercial businesses, specifically focusing on the export trading of fresh Philippine Carabao Mangoes as its main revenue stream. ANI also progressed to producing export quality processed foods using the home-grown fruits as raw materials. At present, ANI supplies other home-grown fruits such as banana, pineapple and papaya to customers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Middle East and to the different European regions. ANI remodeled its business structure, from adopting a purely "farm-to-market" trading business model into utilizing a "farm-to-plate"- based concept supported by full forward and backward integrations. As a result, ANI's range of operations has consequently expanded, providing a strategic advantage hinged on the synergy of all business activities, from farming, packing, trading, distribution, processing, canning, and up to sales. Currently, ANI has three subsidiaries under its Fresh Foods Group, namely, First Class Agriculture, Fresh and Green Harvest Agricultural Corp., and Lucky Fruit and Vegetable Products, Inc. For its Processed Foods Group, ANI owns and controls two companies, namely, M2000 IMEX, and Fruitilicious Inc. ANI also owns and controls Best Choice Harvest, which is engaged in the management of farming activities in various provinces that serve the supply needs of ANI's distribution subsidiaries. Source: Prospectus (2009)