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Our company, LALA CUSTOMS BROKERAGE CORPORATION, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 16, 2002 under company Registration No. 8200114839. The Incorporators are respected people in the society, degree holders and professionals in different fields. Two of them are licensed broker, both experts in all aspects of customs services.

We believe that the success of Lala Customs Brokerage Corporation is owed to the extreme dedication, loyalty, honesty, patience, hard work, and self-sacrifice of it\'s people. That is the reason why part of the company’s objective is to ensure the enhancement and well-being of its employee’s professional and personal existence.

By the grace and guidance of the Lord God Almighty, we ay Lala Customs Brokerage Corporation are guided by the principle of righteousness, casting away undesirables and opt but only the best for all concerned. This is main reason that from being a hauler as it started few years back, now to a company that engage in customs brokerage services. Further to this, we are now in the process of registering the company as air-sea freight forwarders.

As the challenge of supply and demand coming in, we assure you of its continued commitment to meet all requirements of the clients with satisfaction and more. And to answer these challenges, Lala Customs Brokerage Corporation will be equipped with modern technology communications for directional, operational, strategic and tactical issues. And as an assurance of quality services and success for the fulfillment of this challenge, it will be supported by highly qualified and well-experienced individuals, who are extremely motivated, committed, resourceful and hardworking personnel.

We don’t stop here, we are still challenging the future, and WE KNOW WE CAN!