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A Class International Language Center recognizes the fact that the development of English Skills is one of the main foundations to become successful students and productive community members. We believe that students will:
 Possess reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to be able to communicate independently and effectively within the global market.
 Use higher level thinking processes to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and ideas.
 Use technology to access information and communicate effectively.
 Develop the ability to fluently and to coherently express ideas and beliefs.
 Become life-long learners and contribute positively to society.
 Take risks as users of a new language to apply language skills to meet the demands of society on a daily basis.

A Class International Language Center educates minds and builds English foundation for foreign students. Through development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar skills, students are assisted in becoming independent learners. Materials and methods are appropriate to the grade, age and language levels of students.
The Mission of A Class International Language Center is to provide quality English instruction and academic preparation to non-native speakers of English for both online and offline classes. The intent is to ensure achievement for all students who come to us with a primary language other than English.

• Improving English Skills for personal, academic and business purposes
• Offering Academic English preparation for study at
• Colleges and Universities including TOEIC
• Providing Academic support and student services
• Using Instruction in general use of English
• Professional, Experienced and Competent Teachers
• Building, Developing and Mastering Skills for the TOEFL
• Providing Occupational education and career development
• Conducting Small classes (mostly 1:1, maximum class size is 5 students)

A Class Academy Classes

Offline Classes (Man to Man):
The ESL Program for offline students offers part time and full-time, intensive English language classes to improve their English ability. Academic Assistance is also offered to foreign students who are studying at the different academic institution in the Philippines from elementary to college levels.

Online Classes:
The ESL Program for online students offers regular and intensive classes which meet 20 minutes up to an hour, in 2 to 5 times each week. Each class has set of curriculum for the different levels of students.

Overview of A Class Academy Curriculum
A Class Academy offers 3 main levels of courses in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ESL for Children (Pre-primary & Primary), Teenagers (Secondary) and Adults (University Students & Professionals), both online and offline classes.

Beginner courses help students improve their general English language skills for work, personal development, or academic coursework preparation. The classes meet 20 minutes up to an hour, in 2 to 5 times each week. Students should pass Level 3 (High Beginner level) to advance to the next level.
Intermediate levels include classes in speaking, note-taking, reading, and writing skills to prepare students for academic content courses. Students must pass Level 6 (High Intermediate) before advancing to the next level. Classes meet 20 minutes up to an hour, in 2 to 5 times each week.
Advanced classes are offered mostly to university students and professionals. Preparation Classes for the TOEFL is a part of the curriculum too. Classes meet longer, up to an hour, in 2 to 5 times each week that includes speaking and reading activities.

Level Tests
 Students who are interested in taking ESL classes must take the Level test.
 The test is conducted in 1-2 days, 20 minutes for online evaluation or may take up longer especially on man to man evaluation.
 This determines what book and materials will be suitable for the learner’s need.
 This aims to:
• Determine the English skills level of the students.
• Create a good impression for the prospective students to enroll in the company.

Reading and Writing
Reading skills are improved at each level with a focus on increased speed and reading comprehension. In the lower levels, most materials are in simplified English, yet as students’ progress through the program more authentic (non-simplified) materials are used. Students focus on the process approach to writing as well as practice with in-class timed writings.

Listening and Speaking
Speaking and listening abilities for effective communication in a variety of academic settings are developed through oral and aural practice with level- appropriate materials. Students practice responding to, supporting, and developing ideas through discussion and conversation practice as well as informal and formal question and answer activities.

Grammar & Usage
Classes begin with a focus on identifying parts of speech and basic sentence structure. Students study and learn more difficult and complex grammatical structures at each level, and have opportunity for extensive oral and written production practice with a variety of grammatical structures. Students also will learn vocabulary and work on practical English usage.