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We are pleased to introduce to you our company, BBL Automobili Co. Car Exchange & Restoration. We would like to offer you a service that would fit your company’s need in terms of managing your Company Vehicles.
Automobili Co. Fleet Management Program

1. IN NEED OF COMPANY VEHICLES? – We have over 250 pre-owned cars on display for you to choose from. Whether you need fuel efficient units for your sales agents or high end luxury cars for your upper management, we can recommend you the best fit in the lot. If you need brand-new vehicles, we would be able to give you better leverage because of our extensive network with various dealerships. Tell us your requirements and we’ll find the specific units you need.
2. DISPOSING YOUR COMPANY VEHICLES? – We have a consignment package that would help you in disposing your “for sale”, “repossessed” or “pre-owned” vehicles and free up space in your parking yard and effectively reduce associated dues. We also participate in Biddings or buying your units on spot cash or assume balance terms.
3. HASSLE FREE AUTO LOANS? – We can also offer easy and fast auto loans for your employees. We have low down payments and affordable monthly amortizations.
4. LTO ASSISTANCE & AUTO INSURANCE? – We’ll save your valuable time, manpower and resources in transacting at the LTO to register your units, to transfer them, or other LTO Services that you need. For a minimal service fee, we’ll take care of the paper works for you. We can also provide you comprehensive car insurance and renew them for you as well.
5. IN NEED OF VEHICLES TEMPORARILY? You can rent our units on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
6. NO EXISTING CARPOOL? – Have us on call 24/7 to assist your company vehicles. We offer towing services, preventive maintenance services, general body and collision damage repair, polyurethane painting, paint less dent repair, mechanical, air-con and battery diagnosis and auto detailing.

Hope you find this program suitable and beneficial for your company. If you have other concerns, we can customize the program to fit your needs. For further information, please feel free to contact me at my direct lines 3862609/8928727 or txt at 09286602197 herbycobilla@ymail.com