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AT-1 Bldg. Dumaguete Airport Agan-an Sibulan Negros Oriental

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Aviation Training One International is a professionally-oriented aviation training institution for students and professionals who aim to pursue a higher degree in the field of aviation.

Since 1998, the institution focuses in training pilots for corporate and airline companies around the globe. The expansion program implemented in January 2007 aims to provide more training programs to pilots, flight dispatchers, aircraft maintenance technicians, cabin crew, and aviation department managers.

There are several advantages in training with us.

* The school has a complete state-of-the-art training facility that provides more learning experience to students. Moreover, our location is conducive to training which exceeds beyond the industry standards.
* Our professional and personalized training approach enables students to build the right foundation in their career.
* Modern aircraft fleet and training equipments provides more opportunities to students to get acquainted with advance technologies widely used in the aviation industry today.