Scrap Metal Trading/Recycling

Sunset View Towers Roxa Blvd. Pasay City Metro Manila
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RUBENORI, INC. was established in December 2006 primarily for the trading of scrap metals for both domestic and foreign markets. It is interested in acquiring scrap materials especially from non-operational power plants, sugar and paper mills, mining and other industrial machineries, as well as factories, warehouses and other building structures. It also engages in general merchandising including recycling of metals that may be recovered from discarded computers, home electrical appliances and gaming machines.

In pursuing its business objectives, the company maintains a strategic relationship with the Japanese firm Sato & Co. Ltd, which has experience in the recovery and recycling of iron and non-ferrous metals for almost 50 years. Its head office and main factory are located in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It has a branch office in Numazu City and another factory in Fuji City, both in Shizuoka Prefecture. Sato & Co. Ltd is backed up by:

* Itochu Corporation
* Mitsui Bussan Raw Material Development Corporation
* Okaya & Co., Ltd
* Matsushita National Electrical Industry Co., Ltd
* Toda Construction Corporation
* Iron Scrap Traders (Shonan and East Shizuoka Area)

Rubenori, Inc. maintains a field office and stockyard for srap metals at the Manila Harbour Centre, R10, Vitas, Tondo, City of Manila