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28/F Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower 2210 Chino Roces Avenue Makati City Metro Manila

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MAKATI CORPORATE OFFICE SERVICES INC. (MAKATI CORP) is a premier provider of instant business solutions to Start-Ups and SMEs in the Philippines. Starting as a simple provider of Instant Virtual and Furnished Offices in August 2005, MAKATI CORP has now grown to leave its former competitors behind by providing other crucial support services that are just as important to you like Marketing and Promotion, and Office and Field staff.

MAKATI CORP now stands in a class of its own with a dynamically expanding range of allied services aimed at enabling Business Owners, Managers and Entrepreneurs like yourself to achieve stability and profitability faster by allowing you to capitalize on your strengths and abilities, as we remove barriers. See what we can do for you:

ENHANCE YOUR COMPANY IMAGE - Our carefully designed offices, trained staff and marketing support services combine to provide your Company, Profession or Organization the image it deserves. We continuously reinvest to upgrade our facilities.
ENHANCE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY - Our simplified all-inclusive packages frees your time and your mind to focus on revenue generating activities for your company, instead of being slowed down by Administrative tasks such as minding utility bills payments, message handling, tracking document dispatches, having equipment repairs, or call service providers. We can also handle your Business Registration in Makati and BIR filings.

INCREASE YOUR REVENUE - In addition to increasing your Sales by having more time to meet your prospective clients, we further help you by providing online campaign support including Internet presence and Business-to-Business (B2B) announcements to 80,000+. We can complement this will SMS/TEXT technologies which you can use for 24x7* automatic text responders, or increase Customers base retention, loyalty and name recall by keeping in touch using our SMS announcements service. For online traders, we offer secure location for drop off and meet up as well as collection services so that you can drop off your ebay items and we will secure the payment from your buyer when he comes - thereby eliminating the need to synchronize your schedule with your buyer. Security+Convenience=More Sales. We are also working on a packaged solution to help you collect bad debts/delinquent receivables.

REDUCE OR ELIMINATE YOUR OFFICE CAPITAL EXPENDITURES - We have undertaken the investing in your behalf to provide your furnished facilities with telecoms, plus option to lease equipment. You do not have to invest in furnitures and renovation or equipment. With CAPEX eliminated, your expenses are simplified to just Operating Expenses - thus making simpler to do product/service costing. If you are in the BPO industry and your hours are billable from Day 1, then your business is a success from Day 1. There is no ROI or Depreciation to be concerned with - with just OPEX vs. Revenue, your business is easier.

REDUCE YOUR OVERHEAD COSTS - Our Staff services can reduce your fixed labor costs, while our flat rate, all-inclusive packages covers your rent, utilities, Internet and telecoms. We zero out your budgetary requirements for repairs. Use the savings to finance your Marketing campaign and generate more Sales!