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From Chrisvon Technology Shanghai co.,ltd and the Temco Japan co.,ltd ; Created Chrisvon Takeda International Corporation USA and extended Chrisvon Trading at collaboration with the Chinese business opportunities in the medical electronics industry "GUDAO WANG", since the two companies keen observation analysis, the original lead to innovation, advances in medicine have discovered a new, innovative technology to continually New , brought new hope with modern countless more convenient quality of life, 21st century, high-tech electronic communication products can be said to be layers of a breakthrough, the purpose is to help mankind either have better and more convenient quality of life, if the voices through the bone conduction technology to develop electronic equipment, let people can not only listen to voices of degraded ears, but the use of bone conduction function of the mass audition It is an amazing invention!Through bone conduction mode Voice has many advantages, such as voice transmission instead of relying on external ear from the gas derivative entered arising. So two ears can be tied completely unnecessary. But bone conduction speakers to call exchanges and listen to the sound environmental hygiene at the same time, if necessary can also use anti-noise ear plugs, in addition to serious noise at the environment and listen to the voices very clear, bone conduction more applicable to some special work environment, such as underwater mine, reinforce, but has also enabled many patients regain their hearing loss ear hearing people laughter from the past. Following the "bone conduction hearing aids KIKUCHAN" In order to create a more advanced medical electronic equipment, Chrisvon with Temco to be a more concerted effort to study the surrounding bone conduction products, such as is currently the market received a warm response "bone conduction pillow," the principle is the use of infrared receiver design. No extra wiring to the receiver to watch television or listen to music at the same time but only in the use of the users can receive messages, will not interfere with other people to the periphery. Another "bone Bluetooth glasses," is entirely as sunglasses can be used as and when the phone bell can not accept the use of headphones, only wearing this pair of glasses, on both sides of the brain through the skull can be immediately conveyed to the cochlea radio, and no matter how
noise in the call can be carried out, the research and development of these new products will be introduced through GUDAO¡¡WANG more beautiful you bring health and happiness.