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ALLGEN The Intelligent Review Profile ALLGEN is the provider of a superior NCLEX-RN review program especially designed for Filipino nurses seeking employment in the United States. Its team of lecturers is comprised of US Registered Nurses, and medical doctors with extensive nursing education backgrounds and clinical experience. The management team is composed of highly trained professionals from the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. Called “The Intelligent Review”, ALLGEN’S 17-day review program adapts to the busy schedule of the modern-day nurse without losing the essentials that she/he needs to consider for the US Nursing Practice. Our review program was developed by a pool of top academic researchers from Philippine Universities and then evaluated and approved by a Dean and Faculty from one of America's most prestigious University Nursing programs. ALLGEN will continue this effort in the future and consistently look for ways to enhance our program for the best quality for our nursing students. Each topic is designed into consideration the standard attention span of adult while the review method is carefully conceptualized to adapt to every nurse’s specific needs and learning aptitude. ALLGEN is thus named because it encompasses “All Generations” of nurses. So, whether you are a practicing nurse, a recent local nursing board passer, a second courser and wants to jumpstart his nursing career, the ALLGEN Intelligent Review is the right one for you!