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UNIVERSAL SALES CORPORATION (USC) was incorporated in March 1987 by four (4) enterprising Business executives.
From the time of its founding, USC has acted as the sole distributor in the Philippines and Indonesia of IKS Klingelnberg machine knives (Germany), IKS Universal wide bandsaw steel strips (USA, Germany and Brazil), and Sailing Viking handsaws.
After its first year of operation, the company had established firm business ties with the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial tools as well as wood, metal, and paper processing companies throughout the country.
In September 1988, Simonds Industries, Ltd. (UK/USA), International Knife & Saws, Inc. (USA), Helmuth Jensen A/S VIKING (Denmark) and Jova Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) awarded to USC the exclusive rights to market their products in the Philippines, and Indonesia. Additionally, the company carried products such as Viking blades, Universal hammers and hand tools, Heian Machines, circular saw blades, STIHL chainsaws, Swiss saw chains, Autool grinding equipment and cutting tools for the woodworking, plastic, paper, tissue and metal processing industries.
By June 1990, a number of USC’s product lines, particularly IKS Klingelnberg veneer knives, Universal Axel Johnson bandsaw blades, and Sailing Viking handsaws had become the country’s market leaders.
August 1990 saw a new era for USC when its top executive forged a joint venture agreement with International Knife and Saw, Inc. (IKS) in the USA. The joint venture includes business activities in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Three years after its inception, the company hit a milestone in the industrial equipment industry with its sweeping success in the marketing and sales of industrial tools. USC enjoys liberal benefits and preferential treatment from most banks, insurance companies, government corporations and multinational companies.
Today it continues to make an impact in virtually all of its product lines, and is well recognized as a major player in the woodworking, construction, hardware, metalworking, printing, paper converting, pulp and paper industries.