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LivingWater System, Inc. is currently working with multi-national company with a China-based US company for product/service expansion. From concept to finished product, LWSI were able to establish business relations with groups/principals in order for the company to realize its goals in concert with the company’s strategic vision. We look forward to putting this skill set to work with you.


Our main focus is the development, marketing, sales and service of water treatment components and systems in each of the key markets where we have facilities.
Below is an outline of our company to date. It is our goal to expand from the current three (3) regional operations to five (5) by 2010.

LivingWater System, Inc. (Main Office)
• Formerly established as LivingWater Filtration and Water Refilling Station in 10 November 2004 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as LivingWater System, Inc. in February 6, 2007.
• Components distribution and systems provider for residential and commercial applications.
• Primary markets served are Metro Manila and Luzon Areas/Provinces.
• Currently comprised of 42 employees, centralized system assembly line, administrative office, and distribution warehouse.
• Expanding into larger distribution warehouse in Q2 2008.
• Expanding into new, larger facility with industrial systems assembly line in Q3 2008.
LivingWater System, Inc. – (Visayas Office)
• Components distribution and currently comprised of 6 employees (administrative and distribution warehouse).
LivingWater System, Inc. – (Mindanao Office)
• Components distribution and currently comprised of 3 employees (administrative and distribution warehouse).


• Testing and analyzing of clients in-house water supplies for the presence of bacteria, fungi, organic and inorganic compounds, taste and odor.
• Installation of the optimal water treatment and purification systems based on the client’s informed, educated and affordable choice.
• Routine monitoring of installed components to minimize equipment failure and ensure timely replacement of expired filters and components.


LivingWater System, Inc. is a diverse group of people with a broad range of experience. The company can provide market specific and/or water treatment segment specific experience. From the USA to China; from residential RO systems to industrial process water RO systems; from import of China manufactured products and launch of USA manufactured products in the local market; from start-up distribution business to management of product development projects; LivingWater System, Inc. has the resources to add value to any water treatment project in the market.


• Launching and distributing USA manufactured industrial water treatment components.
• Marketing and selling China manufactured commercial and industrial components.
• Designing & assembling commercial/Industrial water treatment systems.

LivingWater System, Inc. is rapidly expanding into commercial RO systems assembly for domestic markets. We have complete in-house design and build capabilities for these systems. We have a core systems line that fits the majority of standard commercial applications as well as customized designs to any customer specification requirements. LivingWater System, Inc. also uses a cross-branding strategy that enables us to market the system under our own brand name or to incorporate the customer’s imaging strategy. This includes panel color, cover color, or brand specific labeling.
LivingWater System, Inc. is able to tap into our current supplier network and identify the best available components to incorporate into our systems. This creates a unique relationship between LivingWater System, Inc. as customer and the supplier. We are not just buying their product for use in our system; we are also assisting them in promoting and selling their product in the local market. In this manner, we create a multi-dimensional and interdependent relationship with the manufacturer.
LivingWater System, Inc. is also constantly incorporating new technology into our product line of components and systems. As the manufacturing base around the world matures and expands to include more engineered water treatment solutions, we are poised to take these technologies to our customers and markets quickly. LivingWater System, Inc. represents a long terms sourcing solution to our customers. Our product line is ever-evolving, highlighting on the latest technology in the manufacturing community.


As with any business managed on a nationwide scale, communication and service are vital to maintaining an image of high quality and reliability. LWSI is able to do this through a number of programs that are integral to our business.
First, we spend a great deal of time with potential suppliers on the front end to understand their quality control systems and to gauge the import marketability of their products. We are able to test market their products in the Philippine market with key customers who can monitor performance and provide a closed feedback loop. LWSI is also able to use the products in our own systems, test it in our own facility, and do so in a short period of time. We know if the supplier is a good fit for LivingWater System, Inc. and our customers before wide-spread distribution or use in our import systems.
Second, we match suppliers with in-depth market surveys and information. This includes competitor analysis, market size, market growth, certifications required, technical documents required, pricing, etc. LivingWater System, Inc. works with potential suppliers on any area where they may fall short before taking the product to market. We understand their strengths and weaknesses in advance. There must be a strategic fit to support our distribution and systems business.
Third, we have experience working with domestic customers who are using LivingWater System; Inc. sourced components and systems. This gives us an excellent foundation for providing the services required to support mutually beneficial business relationships – customer service, technical service, product training, technical support documentations, etc.
Fourth, the core product information is emphasized across the service spectrum, such that all team members are knowledgeable about our products.
Fifth, LivingWater System, Inc. develops sub-contractor relationships with companies in key markets to serve as front-line sales representatives. This enables us to expand/extend our services for potential demand and project development. This has served as an invaluable growth in terms of sales/service network and also brought us closer to these key markets and players.


LivingWater System, Inc. is a lean and efficient organization, where cost is managed to maintain our competitive position. It is important to highlight that we are operating in a dynamic but extremely competitive environment. If we are not able to manage our cost and exercise fiscal discipline, we cannot leverage our other strengths toward business success. LivingWater System, Inc. maximizes the cost benefit of highly skilled, local employees; incentive programs offered by multinational business developers; multi-dimensional relationships with suppliers; tight inventory and product through-put management; low overhead burden; and prudent financial management. We are competitive by all measures.

In closing, we appreciate the opportunity to provide this draft proposal to you. LWSI vision is to become a nationwide water treatment player and to do so we are focusing on long-term service-business relations with companies who share our vision for bringing safe, clean water for the Filipinos.

We understand the process, we value this opportunity, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.