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Syrinx was born out of an innovative concept and the unwavering vision of one man -- to develop a powerful massively parallel processing framework that is comprised of a collection of reusable and independent features that can be easily designed and applied according to the client’s unique specifications. This technology makes it supremely easy for developers to create applications from start to finish and significantly cut down the amount of time to develop a new application. The very same framework has been used by some of the largest corporations in the world such as IBM, American Express and Ceridian.
Syrinx was first established in 1996 by Matthew James Denman in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. With the foresight to recognize the full potential of creating a platform that could dramatically change the very process of software development, he relentlessly pursued this idea and was able to develop a powerful architecture that was clearly way ahead of his time. The realization of this goal propelled his career to greater heights, having been able to offer his expertise and services to a number of Fortune 500 companies and leading businesses in the industry such as FedEx Corporation, IBM, Logility, American Express and the US Department of Energy. As a Microsoft Certified Instructor(MCT), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD, MCSD.NET) and Sun Certified Java2 Programmer, he has also conducted numerous trainings and consulting services to some of the brightest minds in the industry such as UPS, Bellsouth, Coca-Cola and Boeing employees, just to name a few. But the journey clearly did not just end there.
Having recognized the viability of outsourcing services, Mr. Denman has chosen a strategic global model that expertly combines the very best of onshore and offshore software development process. The Syrinx center of operations is currently based in the Philippines along with a team of highly talented software development professionals under the supervision and leadership of Mr. Denman. This system allows the company to deliver premium quality products and services to clients at reasonable cost. With the mission to persistently develop better solutions to meet the needs and demands of medium and large-scale companies, Syrinx has created a full range of applications to address industry-specific business requirements that includes call center software, payroll system, article management, database and e-commerce solutions and accounting software, among many others.
Aside from software development, architecture and programming, Syrinx also offer a host of comprehensive training and mentoring programs for companies who want to maintain competitive edge by empowering their employees. We deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum Training for Implementation and Support Staff Personnel, Architects, Executives and end-users. Our consultants can work alongside with IT and business staff to effectively identify and support technical and user areas of weaknesses as well as develop appropriate training plans required.
Our flagship product, the and the Syrinx Community Server is a culmination of many automation tools, processes and functions that were all specifically designed and seamlessly combined in a single software product to address the needs and demands of today’s businesses. We are committed to provide robust and highly effective software solutions that will be able to propel the growth of the company and keep up with the changes it will undoubtedly undergo through the years. Our customers and clients have been our partners in achieving our every goal and we remain dedicated in our purpose to use these valuable insights to provide the best software products in the industry today.
At Syrinx, we are simply not here to develop and deploy custom software development, but we make sure our clients’ investment will ultimately help fulfill business goals.