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MPSIAI has at least a decade of combined experience in the field of security service, intelligence gathering, investigation , personnel management and training, administrative operation,fire and disaster prevention. With these years of experience the agency offers a wide range of services such assecurity guard service for malls, restaurants, manufacturing plants, industrial, commercial and residential.

The agency also offers services for companies to prevent pilferages, industrial espionage, prevention, payroll escort, security planning and survey and VIP escort. The agency ensures that all security personnel are recruited under the most stringent standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Security personnel go through a series of selection process, provided in-house safety and fire prevention and control training, to name a few. Security personnel are supervised by competent supervisors conducting close supervision on tour of duty, skills training and candidates for promotion. Security personnel go through constant training to ensure that they are properly aware of their their duties and responsibilities.

To perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently, MPSIAI provides their security personnel the proper paraphernalia such as, uniforms, firearms and ammunition and vehicles such as vans and motorcycles.