Waterproofing Asphats

No. 9 St Peter St. Batasan Rd San Mateo Rizal Banaba San Mateo RIZAL

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STRAIT PATH BUILDERS, INC.is engaged in providing quality products of Asphalt road materials such as Asphalt Cement 60/70 & 85/100, Emulsified Asphalt CSS/SS-1, Cutback Asphalt MC-70 Coldmix Asphalt, Crack Sealants.
SPBI also provide and install a wide variety of WATERPROOFING MEMBRANES and coatings for all types of surfaces. Waterproofing materials and systems were engineered to every definite substrate to effectively serve its function.

STRAIT PATH BUILDERS, INC will pursue continues improvement through its invaluable human resource, a synergy of ideas and a common goal for the improvement of standard of living of the Filipinos

STRAIT PATH BUILDERS, INC is located at No. 9 St. Peter St., Batasan Rd., San Mateo, Rizal with Telephone Numbers 02-8715017,02-4777748/3590858