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3 way stopcock
alcohol pad
anesthesia machine
anesthesia breathing circuit
anesthesia mask
solitaire nebulizer
solitaire philippines
anti embolism stocking
anti-bedsore mattress
autoclave tape
blood collecting tube
blood transfusion set
bouffant cap
BP Monitor Automatic
BP Monitor manual
capillary tube
catheters and tubing
closed suction drainage set
connecting tube
cord clamp
cotton applicator tips
cover slip
CPR Masks
dental bib
diagnostic tests
diaper and under pads
drainage bottle
ecg electrodes
ecg machine
ecg paper (all sizes)
elastic bandages
emergency cart
endotracheal tube
et tube introducer
exam gloves
examination lamp
extenstion tube
external feeding container
face mask ear loop
face mask surgical
feeding tube
fetal doppler
foley catheter
gastronomy tube
Gauze Bandages
Gauze pads
Gauze rolls
glass slides
Glucose strips
guedel airway
Heplock / heparin caps
Hopital Trolleys
Hospital Beds
Hospital dividers
Hospital disinfectant
Hot water bag
incetnive spirometer
IV infusion set
iodine pad
irrigation syringe
IV cannula
IV cannula dressing
IV pump
IV starter kit
Laboratory glasswares
Laboratory plastics
Laboratory machines
lap sponge
laryngeal airway
lubricating jelly
medical dressings
medical plaster
mobility aid
mucus extractor
muti vent mask
Nasal Cannulas
Nebulizer Machine
Nebulizer Kits
ngt silicon
operating light
oxygen concentrator
Oxygen Masks
oxygen regulator
patient ID
patient monitor
penrose drain
petri dish
pippette tip
plaster of paris
pleura puncture set
poole drain
Pregnancy Kit
pulse oximeter
Skin Stapler
specimen container
spinal needle
sterilization pouch
stomach tube
Suction Catheters
suction machine
suction tubing
surgical blade
surgical drape
surgical gloves
surgical instrumnets
surgical instrument disinfectant
surgical needle
surgical tape
syringe pump
thermometer digital
thermometer ear
thermometer forehead
thoraic catheter
tongue depressor
transfer pippette
trocar catheter
ultrasound gel
Urine analyzer
urine bag
urine collector
Urine Strips 10 sg
Urine Strips 4sg
vaginal speculum
ventilator machine
vinyl glvoe
wadding sheet
weighing scale
yankauer suction set
Zinc Oxide Plaster

Diagnostic Equipment

Complete line of Sphygmomanometer – Digital/Manual
Complete line of Weighing Scales
Complete line of Thermometers
Latex Gloves

Surgical Sterile Gloves
Non Sterile Examination Gloves

Pulmonary Equipment and Supplies

Complete line of Nebulizers
Nebulizer Mouthpiece
Nebulizer with Masks
Disposable Hospital Plastic Wares

Male/Female Urinals
Basins / Kidney Containers
Disposable Sharps Collectors
Intubations Disposable Supplies

Feeding Tubes, Levin’s Tubes, NGT’s, Duodenal Tubes and Stomach Tubes
Suction Catheters
Nasal Oxygen Cannulas
Hospital and Home Care Furniture

Complete line of Hospital Beds
Bedside Tables
Foot Stools
IV Stands
Spine Boards
Urological Disposable Supplies

Nelaton Catheters / Foley Catheters
Urine Bags
Anesthesia Disposable Supplies

Endtotracheal tubes
Guedal Airways
Complete line of Thermometers
Oxygen Supplies & Equipment

Complete line of Medical Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Regulators and Equipment
Oxygen Tanks

Gauze and Non-woven Products

Gauze Sponges
Surgical Hospital Gauze
Gauze Pads
Gauzes Bandages
Paper/Face Masks
Bouffant / Doctor’s Caps
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Complete line of Microscopes
Test tubes
Microscope Slides

Home Care
Wound Care
Diabetic Glucometer & StripsColostomy Wafer & BagOxygenPhysical TherapyNebulizersIncontinenceDaily Aids
Body Supports
NeckWrist & ArmWaist & BackKnee & LegsFoot & Ankle
Surgical Instruments
Sterilization Products
Sterilization PouchesSterilizer / Autoclave
Medical Diagnostics
Aneroid / Sphygmomanometer ThermometerDoppler Weighing ScaleStethoscope Light source Pulse Oximeters
Models and Anatomy Chemicals / Solutions Laboratory Apparatus Laboratory Supplies Glassware / Containers
Med Students
Bag Set Instruments
Disposable Supplies
Catheters & Tubes Gloves Tapes Syringe and Needles Sutures Wood & Spatula Protection Wear Gauze & Cottons Wound Dressings Others
Clinic & Hospital Furniture
Hospital Beds Cabinets Containers Carts & Trolleys Bedside Tables & IV Stand Mattress & Foam Other Furniture
Dental Supplies
Dental Instrument Dental Supplies Dental Laboratory Dental Equipment
Liquid Preparations
IV Fluids / Dextrose Solutions Galenicals
Clinic Hospital Equipment
X-Ray MonitorsOR Lights Autoclave & Sterilizers Weighing Scales Suction Machines Ventilators Anesthesia
Test Kits & Strips
Glucose Strips Drug Test Kit Bacteria & Viral Test Kits Urinalysis Strips Others
Mobility Aids
Wheelchairs Walkers & Rollators Commode Spare Parts Canes & Crutches Bathroom Aids
Apparel and Linens
Scrub Suits / Gowns Bed Sheets OR Linens Others
Rescue & Emergency
Stretchers Body Immobilizer First Aid Supplies First Aid & Rescue Bags CPR Flashlight / Whistle



Transport Chair



Bedside Tables

Cautery Machines



Dental Chair with unit


ECG Machines

Endoscopy Tower

Exam Tables

Fetal Doppler

Hospital Beds

Infant Incubator

Infant Warmer

IV Poles

Mobile Clinic

OB/DR Table

OR Lights

OR Tables



Patient Monitor

Pulse Oximeters

Scrub Sinks

Stainless Steel Carts


Suction Machines

Tens and EMS

UV Light


Syringe Pump

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