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YKK Philippines Inc. is the leading Fastening Company that offers a wide range of Zipper, Snap & Button, Hook & Loop, Buckles and Adjuster products.

Staying One Step Ahead

When you see YKK, you may think of zippers or fastening products. But what you see is much more. You see a brand that has been built over the last 70 years and is now a leader in our industry. Being a leader carries responsibility. We have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders to set new industry standards in quality, creativity and production.

This is why the YKK brand means much more than fastening. Our brand is the de facto standard in quality. Consumers and purchasers of fastening products all over the world have come to rely on this quality each day.

YKK also has a responsibility to stay one step ahead of an industry driven by trends and styles. We think carefully about our customers needs and challenges and react quickly and efficiently. We also partner with our customers, continuously inventing new fastening products with unmatched precision to meet their individual needs.

YKK means quality, inventiveness and agility. These qualities are demanded by consumers and customers around the world and we demand it of ourselves. This shows in the care, knowledge and imagination we put into our products, our work and our lives.