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8170 Quezon Avenue, Lucban, Quezon Barangay 1 (Pob.) Lucena City QUEZON

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QZN Electrical Builders Co. (QEB) is an electrical engineering company and trusted by leading companies in our area. It was accredited by Meralco (AMC). We are located at CALABARZON Region at 8170 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Gulang Gulang, Lucena City.

We offers professional Electrical Design services in the areas of: Residential, commercial and industrial estates, including Public Lighting Installations, Electrical Distribution and Sub Transmission Networks, Commercial and industrial installations.

Professional Electrical Engineering Design
Services offered:
MEPF + Solar Design, Estimates and Installation
Electrical Audit, Inspection and Assessment
Electrical Equipment sales
Testing and Commissioning
MEPF+Solar As-Built
Engineering Plans Sign and Seal
Short Circuit and Voltage Drop Analysis
Project Management
Trainings and Seminars
Mechanical Engineering:
HVAC+Refrigeration System
HVAC Design and Maintenance
Solar Engineering:
On grid System Design
Off gird System Design
Hybrid System Design
Civil and Structural Engineering:
Structural Design and Planning
Horizontal and Vertical Structure
Plumbing and Piping Engineering:
DVW System
Cold and Hot Water Distribution System
Piping and Sanitary System