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TFD or The Filipino Dream provides business opportunities to Filipinos here and abroad. Since TFD became an international business, we have created many business partners in many countries around the world.TFD is the new name of Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc or FFI.

Now TFD Inc. has partnered with many other businesses to promote franchising and dealership to Filipinos. TFD has tied up with San Miguel Mills Corporation to promote Kambal Pandesal bakeshop and with Herb All Organic Incorportated by Ms Maritoni Fernandez to promote Organic Barley Powdered Drink.
FFI President and CEO, Mr. Frederick Tan founded the business In 1992 as Red Cricket Vending Concepts Inc. It established its factory in Sangandaan Tandang Sora, Quezon City, supplying siopao, simoai, fishballs, kikiam, and other similar products to the market.

In 1996, Red Cricket established its own brand of food carts, MY PAO and JACK’S. Due to many business inquiries for franchise and product supplies, Red Cricket opened MY PAO and JACK’s franchise in year 2000, which grew to 60 outlets.

Filtrepreneur (Filipino Entrepreneur) Franchise, Inc. (FFI) aims to tap into Filipinos’ entrepreneurial spirit, which we believe is found in most Filipinos wanting to succeed in a business venture. The current economic trend has placed a new focus on how to generate more “Job Creators” in our economic system, instead of adding more “Job Seekers”. FFI has made the idea of a global celebration of entrepreneurship as a path to positive growth for Filipinos here and abroad.

FFI was established in 2006, since then the number of Franchisees has increased significantly from when FFI first started, and with the continuous support from loyal and growing consumer base throughout the country, our company kept growing and improving the ever increasing market demand through a comprehensive and systematic program, both for the franchisee and the consumers. True to the commitment of providing the Filipinos with the best quality food product.
The Filipino Dream expresses the value of entrepreneurship as a breeding ground of job creation through innovative way of marketing products and services of FFI. Guided by our business model, our goal is to provide businesses to every Filipinos.

Established on June of 2008, FFI created the TFD program to develop the sleeping potentials of ordinary Filipinos and use these potentials to make their dreams become a reality. TFD aims to provide a variety of business opportunities for them to discover and succeed in their financial, health, and well-being.

To be recognized and respected as the most successful franchise network marketing company in the Philippines.

FFI is committed to uplifting the lives of every Filipino by providing totally reliable and competitively superior products, empowering him with the business knowledge to become a successful business owner by fostering customer enthusiasm through the integration of people, technology and business system.