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Duralife Innovations Phils., Inc. was incorporated in 2006 with the goal of introducing innovative products to our clients and sharing our ideas on how to use these products to their advantage. We have been successful in helping companies comply with HACCP, GMP, GHP, FDA, and ISO regulations vis-à-vis proper glove use and avoiding cross-contamination via color-coding. As a distributor, we want our clients to know that :

We offer a wide variety of glove products to serve the different needs of clients belonging to different industries.
We are the only distributor for Anti-Bacterial Rubber gloves
We are the company you can depend on to deliver volume requirements for gloves and other products we carry.
We have the capability to provide color-coding solutions for gloves, mop heads, mop handles, and other cleaning tools.
We value our reputation, so we only sell good quality products at affordable prices. We provide authentic documentations for our products that have passed International Testing Standards.
We have excellent After-Sales Service. We welcome you to try.

Aside from the gloves, we have also been providing custodial products such as mop handles, mop buckets, mop heads, brooms, squeegees, face masks, etc. With much emphasis on affordability without sacrificing product quality, we have continued to expand our product line to better serve clients like you. Thus, we continue to find innovative ways in keeping up with the times without burdening our clients with expensive products.