• Business Type: Trade and Business Associations
  • Address: address--v1 55 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Santolan Pasig City Pasig Metro Manila
  • Phone Number: (632)646-0840/646-2476 to 79'

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Company Profile

The Tin Can Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (TCMAP) is a renowned organization located at 55 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Santolan Pasig City, Pasig Metro Manila. With a strong focus on promoting and advocating for the interests of tin can manufacturers in the Philippines, TCMAP aims to foster cooperation and collaboration within the industry. As a trade and business association, TCMAP provides valuable resources and support to its members, helping them navigate the competitive landscape of the packaging industry. With a dedicated team of professionals and industry experts, TCMAP is committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and growth in the tin can manufacturing sector. If you are a tin can manufacturer in the Philippines looking to expand your network and enhance your business operations, consider joining TCMAP today.