• Business Type: Trade and Business Associations
  • Address: address--v1 Suite 1206, 12th Floor Jollibee Center, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City Pasig Metro Manila
  • Phone Number: (632) 632-9733 to 35

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Company Profile

MOTORCYCLE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS ASSOCIATION, INC. (MDPPA) is a prominent trade and business association based in Pasig Metro Manila, dedicated to representing the interests of companies involved in the motorcycle industry in the Philippines. Established in 1973, MDPPA has been at the forefront of promoting the growth and development of the motorcycle sector by fostering collaboration between industry players, government agencies, and other stakeholders. With a mission to drive innovation, sustainability, and responsible business practices in the motorcycle industry, MDPPA provides a platform for members to exchange ideas, address common challenges, and work towards industry-wide solutions. The association also works closely with government bodies to develop policies that support the growth of the motorcycle sector and ensure a conducive business environment for its members. Committed to enhancing the competitiveness and professionalism of its members, MDPPA organizes various programs, seminars, and events to promote industry best practices and facilitate networking opportunities. At MDPPA, we strive to empower our members and drive the sustainable growth of the motorcycle industry in the Philippines.