• Business Type: Public High School
  • Address: address--v1 San Pascual Batangas
  • Phone Number: 9258275094

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Company Profile

Ilat National High School is a public educational institution located in the vibrant community of San Pascual, Batangas. With a commitment to providing quality education to the youth of the region, Ilat National High School offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines academic excellence with practical skills training. The school provides a nurturing and supportive environment for students to grow and develop, preparing them for the challenges of the future. At Ilat National High School, we believe in fostering a culture of learning and innovation, where students are encouraged to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate with their peers. Our dedicated team of teachers is committed to helping students achieve their full potential, both academically and personally. With a focus on holistic development, Ilat National High School aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Join us at Ilat National High School and embark on a journey towards a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.