Rubber Fabrication and Industrial Manufacturing

Rubber Dock Fender and Column Guard Fabrication bldg, #16 Thunderbird st. Zabarte Subdivision, Barangay Kaligayahan QUEZON CITY NCR
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The pioneer of Rubber Fabrication in the Philippines. We fabricate all kinds of rubber for industrial, engineering, warehousing, marine, automotive and all other industries that need rubber.

We fabricate Rubber Dock Fender, rubber Column guard, rubber fender for warehouse, rubber fender for pier and other kinds of rubber related to construction and Engineering Support.

Products and Services:
All kinds of Rubber, Rubber Dock Fender, Rubber Column Guard, Rubber Support, Rubber Gasket, Rubber Bushing, Oil Seal, O-ring, rubber spacer, rubber strip, weather strip, door gasket, window gasket, rubber plate, rubber coupling, rubber gear, love joy coupling, rubber bellow, rubber diaphragm and all other kinds of customized rubber

Industrial Steel Fabrication, Gear, Roller, Conveyor, Machining of industrial parts, Industrial Blade, Industrial Shafting, all kinds of Customized Industrial Steel Parts