Heavy Equipment Sales/Sourcing

2470 Lemery St. Barangay 749 SANTA ANA NCR CITY OF MANILA

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Our vision is to bring much needed quality industrial equipment to the Philippines at an affordable price. We guarantee excellence on the reassembly and refurbishing of each piece of the equipment we import. We know the needs of the industry and bring in equipment to meet those needs. We strive to help our customers determine what equipment will best suit their specific needs, provide them the equipment with the knowledge that they will get the most value for their money and stand behind the work that we do on the units before they are sold.

George's Mobile Repair/Equipment Sourcing (GMES) also offers our services to those who are searching for specific pieces of equipment that may not be readily available. If we do not have an item in stock we will source it for you. This is another way we feel we can serve our customers’ needs.