Virgin coconut oil producer export & manufacturer

20 Maharlika Highway, Barangay San Francisco, Calihan, San Francisco SAN PABLO CITY LAGUNA
+632- 2190792

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Our company Farmers Produce Inc. is a manufacturing company with over 50 years experience in the coconut industry making us one of Philippines foremost producer of coconut products.

Farmers Produce Inc. is a corporation registered with the Securities Exchange Commission and is situated at the very heart of the coconut region in the Philippines, San Pablo City, province of Laguna making our company not only accessible but in a perfect location for global export, reachable via land, sea or air transport.

We have evolved from many years of experience in manufacturing products like RBD coconut oil, CNO, to Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, Coconut wood, Coconut coir, Coconut charcoal, and many more products selling to both local and international clients.

We pride our products to be of the highest quality and sourced only from the best available produce and materials available in the Philippines. We use GMP good manufacturing practice in every product we produce with standards and guidelines set by the PCA Philippine Coconut Authority, FDA Food and Drug Authority, VCOP Virgin Coconut Association and APCC Asian Pacific Coconut Community.

Our CSR Company Social Responsibility – we support fair trade and involve ourselves in projects that help develop or improve the community and livelihood of the farmers and their family which in return give us the best produce and materials needed for our products