High School

Tobias A. Fornier Street San Jose SAN JOSE ANTIQUE
927 924 8081

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1. It is the only school in the province that offers night classes, summer classes and Special Science Curriculum.

2. Three sets of Honor Students per year level.

3. Many of its graduates are honor students in Colleges and Universities of the country.

4. Many of its graduates are leaders of the town and province.

5. Teachers are teaching their specialized or major subjects. Management is departmentalized.

6. It has internet connections with WiFi capability at the Administration Building.

7. It has convenient facilities like Information Technology Center, air conditioned and can accommodate 200 participants.

8. It has 24 newly constructed classrooms, and 27 newly repaired classrooms.

9. Teachers and Staff have continuing professional training.

10. The school has a staff of licensed guidance counselors.

11. Several teachers are division trainers in different subject areas.

12. It has 74 computers for instruction.

13. It has a library with books and references that are continuously donated by stakeholders.

14. Provider of athletes and cultural contestants of the Division for higher level competitions.

15. It offers Special Program in the Arts.

16. It has active support of stakeholders.