Progressive Education, Private School

6 Marigman St. San Roque CITY OF ANTIPOLO RIZAL
02 584 7928
02 584 7928

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MARCELLI SCHOOL of Antipolo is the pioneering school of progressive education in Antipolo City.

The school currently enrolls ages 2 to 12, equivalent to toddler through sixth grade. One building houses the preschoolers, aged 2-6 while another building is for the grade schoolers, ages 7-12. However, our approach to learning is developmental, and so our classrooms can be multi-age.

Marcelli School gives children learning experiences in a safe and green environment. The tree-filled 3000 sqm campus includes a playground, a bahay kubo, a nursery and a seedling garden – an ambience that promotes learning. Each classroom has a toilet and a reading corner. Large wide-span windows on two walls let in air and natural light. Chairs can be moved about the room to create learning space or collaboration for a particular topic.