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Jhexfa EnterprisesCo.

Company Profile

Jhexfa Enterprises Co. is a duly registered company with the Securites and Excahange Commission (SEC).

Our main purpose is to provide the customer with a variety of high quality products for their ever growing needs and requirements. It is primarily engaged in the business of selling, distributing, marketing and importing high quality products to meet the demands of the customer.

Jhexfa Enterprises Co. is composed of fully motivated, talented, credible, and dynamic professional sales team equipped with practical experience and technical know- how of your product needs.

Our Product:

Jhexfa Enterprises co. offer the most complete line of competitively priced, high quality packaging Items, plastic products, metal products , packaging tape , specialty tape, cotton Rugs, P.E plastic, Veneer tape, Aluminum Foil, Wax paper, Foodwrap/plastic wrap,. We are also gained accreditation from Oriental Yuasa Battery Corporation as a distributor of industrial batteries (elec. Forklift, Stationary, Golfcart, Solar and Sealed Type Batteries).

We would like to offer our quality products and services that will fill your needs and specifications, since the company is committed to quality in every aspect of its operation, before and after sales.

Want to be part of your growing company that’s why we are looking forward to be service to you very soon.