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Nebraska cor. Ohio Street Southville Town and Country Santo Tomas CITY OF BIÑAN LAGUNA
049 513 6380
049 513 6380

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We offer a wide array of quality products in the field of Instrumentation and Control such as Hydraulic Hoses, Chemical Hoses, Expansion Joint, Fittings, Valves, O-Rings, Seals, Gasket, Belts and Packing, and Electrical Heating Elements.

Having satisfactory complied with our client expectation, we can vouch for our after sales support which we've taken care for the past decades. Supplying the industries of Plastics, Steel, Food and Insulation here in Southern Luzon and Metro Manila area.

A. Hydraulic Hoses and fittings

a.1 NPT
a.2 JIC
a.3 JIS

B. Stainless Steel/ Metallic Flexible Hose and Fittings

b.1 Female End
b.2 Male End
b.3 Flange Type
b.4 Female Union

C. Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

c.1 Outer Sleeve-Type Expansion Joint
c.2 Rod-Type Expansion Joint
c.3 Control Ring Expansion Joint
c.4 Free Type Expansion Joint

D. Flexible Rubber Joint

d.1 Single-Sphere Connectors (With Floating Flanges)
d.2 Twin-Sphere Connectors (With Floating Flanges)
d.3 Twin-Sphere Connectors (With Union Threads)

E. Electrical Heaters

e.1 Air Duct Heaters
e.2 Cartridge Heater
e.3 Fintube Element
e.4 Tubular Heater
e.5 Immersion Heater
e.6 Circulation Heater
e.7 Band Heater

F. Valves
f.1 Globe Valve
f.2 Gate Valve
f.3 Check Valve
f.4 Y-Strainer
f.5 Ball Valve
f.6 Safety Relief Valve
f.7 Gear Operated Butterfly Valve
f.8 Lock Lever Operated Butterfly Valve
f.9 Angle Valve
f.10 Pressure Reducing Valve
f.11 Steam Valve

G. Steel Flanges

g.1 Blind Flange
g.2 Slip-on-Flange
g.3 Socket Weld Flange
g.4 Welding Neck Flange
g.5 Threaded Flange

H. O-Ring and Seal (NBR, PU, Teflon, Viton, Silicon, Hard Plastic)

I. Belts

i.1 V-Belt (A, B, C, D...)
i.2 HTD Belt (3M, 5M,..)
i.3 Narrow V-Belt (SPC, SPZ,..)
i.4 Timing Belt ( L, H, XL,..)

J. Pressure Gauge and Temperature Gauge

K. Tubes (Polyurethane, Teflon, Engineering Plastic, etc.)