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Alternative Communications Media & Advertising Company, was created in January 2002 through a partnership between then spouses Emmanuel & Daphne Herrera. On the same month, it began commercial operations of its media production, and started its media planning, buying and placement operations in the second half of that year.

The company provides better alternative media and advertising solutions under the AltCom brand. As part of its Media Program concept which is the clients’ key to guaranteed return on investment, it also provides counsel on media and marketing management.

In January 2015, Alternative Communications Media & Advertising Company will amend its partnership. This will strengthen AltCom's focus and core competence in the marketing industry. This will pave the way to several major developments in the business such as the expansion of its OOH_Audience Connection services and the opening of its Digital & Large Format Production Printing facilities in January 2015, and the expansion of its Digital Media Services.

Today, Alternative Communications Media & Advertising Company remains true to its values and commitment to ensure that every product and service it produces is consistent in quality AltCom is known for. More than anything else, technical expertise and excellent marketing knowhow are the key to the company’s continued growth in this industry. Their men and women are equipped with the proper know-how on production, marketing and management.