Electrical Contractor and Supplies

2164 Onyx St. San Andres Bukid Barangay 786 SANTA ANA NCR CITY OF MANILA
02 966 8384
02 485 1084

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ARV Power is a new start-up Electrical Contractor and Supplies. Our focus is to meet the demands of the customers in providing the guaranteed materials, good quality of service and best price. As the economy growing, these years has resulted in increased for the installation of high-end electrical systems. ARV Power is positioned to capitalize on the growing needs of the industry.
Our company is committed to provide the needs of the electrical industry and to be competitive in the rapidly growing demands and supply of our clienteles.
ARV Power Electrical Contractor and Supplies is a Filipino company selling wires, switches, circuit breakers, controller, fittings & cables. This is founded on September 12, 2013. We serve in contracting electrical works, design, planning and network cabling.
Persons you may contact for your request quotations:
Mr. Albert Villanueva Ms. Reina Villanueva Ms. Cheng Roxas
General Manager Assistant Gen. Manager Sales Officer
632 664 –3799 632 881 – 0755 632 330 – 1318