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ALLERS Builders & Development Corporation is a 100% Filipino capitalized corporation established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. ALLERS had been able to undertake several projects ranging from warehouses to residential and commercial buildings in Metro Manila and other cities in the south to north.

At this time, the various structures attributed to ALLERS total 41 high-rise condominium/ office buildings, 23 medium-rise office/ residential/ commercial buildings, 93 townhouse/ apartment/ industrial/ low-rise commercial buildings, pile driving/ excavation/ sub-structure works, 34 shopping malls, 5 hotel buildings, 10 institutional buildings, a 4.4-hectare convention center, 1 training and worship center, 1 site development works. Currently,ALLERS Builders and Dev’t Corp. is undergoing the construction of 13 high-rise commercial buildings, 6 medium-rise buildings, 2 institutional buildings to name a few.

Among the most significant aspects of ALLERS company policy are personalized service, systematic planning, time-efficient and cost-saving construction methodology, safe working conditions, and healthy working relationship; all geared towards producing high quality structures and serving satisfied clients.

A product of good construction can be likened to an extricate lattice made out of interlacing the builder’s efforts with the constraints of time, cost and quality. Take out any one of the elements previously mentioned and you will end up with something that would need rectification. At the construction site, rectification work has always been the culprit for delay and unnecessary expenses.

In the pursuit of excellence, the engineer is eminently essential. It is common construction knowledge that from start to finish, the engineer will never be out of the realm of responsibility. The outgrowth of our effort is nothing but a part of us, be it mastery or failure. ALLERS upholds the role of the engineer, from the supervisor down to his subordinates.

It has always been the objective of ALLERS to be able to deliver a product molded by workmanship par excellence. In its quest for perfection, ALLERS has resolutely undergone countless construction methods and procedures clothed in a variety of styles and techniques customized to the needs of every project.

The Management of Monolith deems the preservation of the health and safety of its staff and employees, sub-contractor and trade contractor staff and employees and the general public, as well as, the protection of the environment to be of supreme significance.

Therefore, it is ALLERS fundamental responsibility to facilitate all viable means to thwart the occurrence of accidents and situations that may cause imminent danger to the staff, the employees and the general public and/or effect property damage or devastate the environment. To consummate this policy, the company has employed the active support of all staff and employees in mitigating and eliminating unsafe conditions and acts. The company recognizes that an effective health and safety program generates a productive business endeavor.