Marketing and Advertising

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DISERV CORPORATION was created to provide an alternative, cost-effective means of supporting companies which require diverse marketing and advertising services in order to keep up with today’s ever-changing customer needs and demands. Our services are flexible, of high quality, and may be customized according to our clients’ varying preferences, thus providing a personal approach that truly addresses their requirements. These include:
• Direct Mail Services - delivery and distribution of any and all types of marketing collateral or product to target market.
• Door-to-Door Delivery Services - delivery of any and all types of correspondence, including product/marketing/advertising collaterals, Statement of Accounts, Billing Statements, Insurance Policies, Certificates, etc.
• Back Office Support Services - provision of administrative and other support services to various organizational units and their events, programs, activities, campaigns and promotions. These services include database updating, encoding, letter shopping, gum labeling, mail merge, desktop publishing, printing, delivery, distribution, research, study, survey, call outs, facsimile and email services.
• Advertising Services - conceptualization, design, provision, development and/or management, production of any type of advertising service and marketing material including pole advertising, billboard, print ads, and direct mail.
• Events Management - conceptualization, development and/or management, and execution of events for any corporate function.