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No. 5 Araneta Avenue, Potrero, Malabon City Potrero Malabon Metro Manila

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The digital scale services has a low to medium competition and not all offer both- services and products. AJM differentiate themselves by not only offering a hassle-free repair service, but a fully stocked parts and unit’s store. Not only this serve a wide range of customers for both service and parts, but there is a parts department that support the service department by allowing the service department to turn around jobs far faster than the competition which generally all of the needed parts and units in stock and on location.

AJM Scale Care Services is a duly registered company of the Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines which started in 2010. AJM focuses on services to its customers by offering convenience and rapid service. Offering scale calibration, repair, maintenance and installation of digital and electronic weighing scales as well as conversion of mechanical scale to electronic scale AJM serves Central Luzon, Visayas as well as Mindanao.

AJM also differentiates them by having servicing 24/7 every week. This offers incredible value to customers who need their scale fixed right away. Waits for service and parts are ideas not entertained by AJM. AJM offers onsite service for customers making the entire service experience as painless and convenient as possible.

AJM attracts and maintain a loyal customer base through their customer-oriented focus on business. Its employees are held responsible for providing superior service, developing a long lasting trust bond with customers. This is very important, especially in the scale repair industry where trust and honesty are the image of repair facilities.

AJM Scale Care Services aims to maintain accurate and optimum production of its clients by to offer high-quality digital scale repair services and a full range of good quality digital scale units and parts.

AJM has a strong positive management that allows them to execute their jobs. AJM technicians have experience in electronic and electrical assembly as well as sales in retail product and have knowledge in construction and fabrication also.

AJM is an independent business opportunity that addresses the unmet need of having a full service digital scale repair facility that have a complete retail and wholesale of units and parts center. These distinct but complimentary services have benchmarked customer service, something that the industry is known for having. AJM led by management team, all of whom have good experiences.