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The new generation of food safety standards is a constant reminder of the importance of maintaining product quality and the need to ensure that final products are free from all types of contaminants. To assist your plant in meeting theseever-increasing standards, BRADS offers a complete line of Magnetic Separators to assist manufacturers to safeguard their products and processing equipment from foreign contaminants.

Magnetic Separators can be installed in any processing or production line where ferrous contaminants must be removed:

-to ensure and protect the products purity
-to prevent any damage in all machinery
-to eliminate all hazards associated with tramp metal

BRADS offers MAGNET TESTING AND INSPECTION to ensure Magnetic Separators meet
the standards and requirements of our industry and customer base. These audits
serve as HACCP documentation as well as meet plant requirements for
QA standards for a variety of safety standards, including IFS, BRC and GMP.

BRADS renders Magnet Testing and Inspection service complete with all the necessary certificates and documentations required by various regulating bodies.
Testing is conducted on-site using a digital Gauss Meter.
Certificates and evaluation documents are sent 1-2 days upon testing complete with Gauss reading, pictures and seal.

BRADS provides a full line of Magnetic Separators equipment:

Magnetic Separators:

- All Magnetic Grates
- Magnetic Drawer (Single layer or Double Layer)
- Magnetic Drum
- Magnetic Tubes
- Magnetic Rods
- Magnetic Sampling Rods
- Magnetic Liquid Filters
- Magnetic Chutes
- Magnetic Rotary Grid
- Magnetic Bullet
- Magnetic Plate
- Magnetic Separation Rolls
- Magnetic Head Pulleys

BRADS also provide high quality belts:


BRADS also supply: