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2nd Flr. Unit 214 ABLAZA BLDG. 117 E- Rodriguez Sr. Avenue E. Rodriguez QUEZON CITY NCR
02 4107017
02 4107017

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Carelyn Information Technology Services

Information technology isn’t just about installing and upgrading computer models and software. It’s about establishing a home for our essential business data and a base for our communication. It’s the foundation of an innovative and technological business. Carelyn Information Technology Services (CITS) aim to become a leader in the IT industry by providing cutting edge technology and excellent repair services that will help small- and large-scale businesses alike to attain optimum security and reach their full potential.

More about CITS

Carelyn Information Technology Services is a company devoted to excellence and providing utmost customer satisfaction. The company saw its humble beginnings as a business equipment supplier back in 1974. Operating under the name Carelyn Business Equipment & General Merchandising, the company provided high quality communication and printing services to leading brands and notable organizations such as the PLDT, Amon Trading Corporation, the LRTA, the Philippine Air Force, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and the Embassy of the United States.

With the demand for resilient information infrastructure and high-tech security continuously growing, however, the company decided to get out of its comfort zone and take on the challenge. Expanding its reach and diversifying its expertise, the company added the following specialized products and services to its arsenal: Computers, Office Equipment Repair, CCTV, Biometrics/RFID system, Website Design, and Software Distribution.