Limestone Milling


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In the year 1993, spouses Emmanuel and Celerina Sabariaga came to an idea of putting up a limestone milling and crushing plant since they realized that there are lots of limestone deposits in their hometown San Rafael and nearby towns like Norzagaray, San Ildefonso and San Miguel.

after several months of carefully studying its nature, they also discovered the great potential market and uses of finish products.

It was in the month of December, 1993 when the name 3M Sisters’ Enterprises came out. It was named after their three children that time. Although Mr. Emmanuel Sabariaga is not an engineer by profession, he used his skills and ideas in constructing the machineries used in the plant and studied the technical process of limestone business. He is at present in charge of the operation and production side.

On the other hand, his wife, Celerina, was in charge of selling and promoting the product to different customers. She is in charge of the finances and proposing different marketing strategies that would make the company be known by customers nationwide.

Through their hard work and persistence, another plant was constructed in the year 2003 which also resulted in adding more employees and upgrading of machineries to satisfy the increasing demand.

At present, 3M Limestone Corporation formerly known as 3M Sisters’ Enterprises continue to deliver quality products and services making its customers a part of its success and the suppliers as well as the employees their partners in business.