Metropolitan Bel-Air CITY OF MAKATI NCR
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We believe in quality services and offer commodities of good standards. Our dedication is always towards complete satisfaction of our Buyers with the goods offered by us followed by after sales services. In the event of any disputes which are but natural in the agro commodities business. We deal with them with atmost care and justify always to the benefit of our buyers. These have empowered us to become one of the best importers of goods and have gained us a reasonable reputation in the market which speaks for itself.

We import, export and distribute all types of lentils and pulses, garlic, onions & potatoes, ground nuts and sesame seeds, all type of spices and chillies, fruits and vegetables, canned fruits and fishes, dried fruits, apparels/linens, towels, candies, cookies, mango pulp and turmeric. We offer the lowest prices and best quality.

Even though the company started in the year 2014, the Directors of this company have been into manufacturing and trading in many parts of the world for the last four decades under different names in different countries. We have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka.

We do not wish to mention much about ourselves since we believe in service and action rather than words.